Muslim (and Arab. Muslim - subject to God) - a follower of Islam. In the Qur'an, the term refers not only to the followers of Islam, but to all who "surrendered to the will of God." The Qur'an also specifies Abraham and Jesus as Muslims. Inadvisable name is common in Europe, the term "Turk" as a follower of the religion of the prophet Muhammad. Completely wrong is the term "follower of Muhammad," because Muhammad is regarded as a prophet, not God. Both terms may offend the religious feelings of Muslims, as focusing more attention to than Allah Muhammad is considered "przydawanie accompanied by Allah," or the heaviest sin, a violation of the first pillar of Islam. Muslim word used to describe followers of Islam, we write in lowercase, and capitalized (Muslim) when we talk about the representative of the ethnic group in the former Yugoslavia (see Muslims).

The concept of a Muslim is very often confused with the term Islamist. A Muslim is a follower of Islam, is a supporter of Islamist political doctrine called Islamism.